• Asbestos Won’t Get the Best of Us

    Is your project exempt from asbestos investigation? The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Department of Buildings (DOB) have implemented a revised version of the Asbestos Exemption Certification Letter (ASB4) form and the new online ACP7 Form, effective January 13, 2010. AS B4 Revised Exemptions. The ASB4 form reflects the DEP’s recent read more →

  • Musical Chairs at NYC Agencies

    For three weeks beginning January 19, deputy commissioners swapped places temporarily in an effort to fight complacency in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s third term. In the “First Deputy Exchange,” the first deputy commissioner of every city agency was assigned to a different agency for three weeks and asked to report recommendations, a program modeled after read more →

  • Code Question of the Month: Are intermediate distribution frame (IDF) rooms required to be enclosed in one-hour fire-rated enclosures as per NYC Electrical Code, Article 645?

    The application of Article 645 of the NYC Electrical Code  (NEC 2005 as amended) only applies when all of the conditions of Sec. 645.4 are being met. “In other words, you must have all of the conditions outlined under Sec. 645.4 to qualify under the rest of the provisions of Sec. 645,” said Manuel Santiago, read more →

  • Milrose in the Community – Save the Date: Capuchin Food Pantries, May 6, 2010

    On Thursday, May 6, 2010, Lunt-Fontanne Theatre presents “The Addams Family” to benefit the Capuchin Food Pantries. Milrose Consultants President Louis Milo has chaired the annual theater event for eight years. The Capuchin network of food and service programs provides a wide range of services to feed, clothe, counsel and alleviate physical and emotional hunger read more →

  • New Jersey: When Is an Atrium an Atrium?

    Section 404.1.1 of the 2006 IBC NJ Edition defines an atrium as an opening connecting two or more stories. This definition can be a little vague. Two Openings or One? A common misconception is that an atrium only applies when there exists floor openings two stories above the lowest floor, or two slab openings, and read more →

  • Philadelphia News: City Council Considers Bill Requiring Facade Inspections

    To promote public safety, a new law has been enacted that amends the Property Maintenance Code of Philadelphia to require inspections of high-rise building façades by professional engineers and architects. The building’s age determines the date by which the first inspection must be completed. After the first inspection, subsequent façade inspections are required every five read more →

  • Long Island News: New Executive, New Cabinet

    During his campaign, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano stressed his belief in dropping fuel surcharges, reducing government, and revamping some nonfunctioning systems, such as the current assessment system. Elected with these tasks in mind, Mangano has already started, and will continue to work toward, delivering on his promises. With the new Nassau County Executive come read more →

  • Happenings on Broadway: Final Inspections

    Keeping up with what’s happening at the Department of Buildings (DOB) is a must, and the DOB industry meeting helps Milrose Consultants do just that. Last month’s hot topic was final inspections. “It is imperative that industry members fully understand these requirements,” said Gustavo L. Mazza, Vice President of Milrose Consultants. “The DOB specifically highlighted read more →

  • Color Codes Required for Sprinklers and Fire Standpipes

    The new Local Law 58 of 2009 mandates standardized color coding for sprinkler and fire standpipe systems. This new local law will be implemented effective March 2, 2010, for new buildings and June 2, 2010, for existing buildings. LL 58/2009 amended the 2008 New York City Building Code, adding a new Sec. 903.6. “This law read more →