The Milrose Guide to the 2022 NYC Code Changes: Part 4

Download Part 4: retail spaces

Part 4: Retail Spaces

How the latest NYC Code Update impacts Retail Storefronts

The new NYC Construction Code went into effect on Nov. 7, 2022 and it included over 600 significant changes that aim to improve building safety and enhance sustainability.

Here at Milrose,  our team of Code and Zoning Analysts published an expert guide series to help navigate design professionals, developers, contractors, and owners through the major code changes and new provisions that now govern their projects so they can avoid experiencing objections and delays.

In Part 4: Retail Spaces, we broke down the important code changes impacting retail storefronts, including: 

  • New accessibility requirements such as 2022 NYC BC §1101.4 which mandates all routes to primary function areas (“PFA”) be made accessible.
  • Regulations for grocery micro-fulfillment centers (“MFC”) and
    “battery-powered industrial trucks, equipment and mobility devices".
  • Updates to the appearance and design of sidewalk sheds for certain scopes as well as greater clarification for signage.