The Milrose Guide to the 2022 NYC Code Changes: Part 6

Download Part 6: Construction Safety Enhancements

Part 6: Construction Safety Enhancements

The new NYC Construction Code will go into effect on Nov. 7, 2022 and it includes over 600 significant changes that aim to improve building safety and enhance sustainability.

Here at Milrose,  our team of Code and Zoning Analysts are rolling out an 8-part guide series to help navigate design professionals, developers, contractors, and owners through the major code changes that will impact their projects.

In Part 6: Construction Safety Enhancements , we dive into the new construction safety regulations that will be enforced by the new 2022 NYC Building Code as outlined in Chapter 33: Safeguards During Construction. 

This guide will serve as a reference sheet for the new local laws and deadlines in the 2022 code update that are related to the oversight of site safety at construction and demolition projects in New York City and the dates you need to be aware of to stay in compliance.