AIA CE Code History & Basics Webinar

Previously Recorded on 12.7.23

Join Milrose's code experts, Kathleen d'Erizans, Director of Code & Zoning, and John​ Secreti, Senior Code & Zoning Consultant, for an AIA accredited presentation titled Code History and Basics. Recorded live on Thursday, December 7, 2023, webinar attendees took a deep dive into the history of the building codes, learned the steps to follow to 'decode' building codes, and highlighted recent code updates in jurisdictions across the United States.

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Kathleen dErizans

Kathleen d'Erizans

Director of Code & Zoning

Kathleen brings over 20 years of code and zoning experience with a specialization in urban and environmental planning to her role as Director of the Code & Zoning Department at Milrose Consultants. Following earning her B.A. and M.A. in Urban Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Kathleen gained experience leading the planning of development projects for various firms  throughout the Illinois and tri-state areas. She began her career at Milrose in 2013 as a Code and Zoning Analyst and was quickly promoted to oversee the team  and Milrose’s Code and Zoning department. Kathleen considers working to shape the built environment a great privilege and she takes it very seriously from inception to completion.

John Secreti

John James Secreti, R.A., LEED AP

Senior Code & Zoning Consultant

John Secreti consistently and successfully provides a high standard of excellence, on time performance, and exemplary service to clients. Before joining Milrose, he worked in various design and project management capacities with prominent firms such as STV, SOM, FXFOWLE, SLCE and Emery Roth & Sons which makes him uniquely insightful about architectural and engineering challenges as it relates to building codes and safety standards. John is most sought after by Milrose’s top clientele to get their projects across the finish line. He asserts that building codes are constantly changing and differ amongst jurisdictions and as such require a thorough understanding and interpretation for proper application.