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Milrose is here to help.

Deciphering building code books is no simple task.

be prepared whenever you open one with our guide.

Code books are notoriously long-winded and use complicated language, not to mention they are updated and amended frequently – making it difficult for design and building professionals to accurately identify the building code requirements that apply to their project.

Understanding how code books are written and organized makes it easier to interpret the rules to ensure your project meets compliance.

Our eBook, "The Milrose guide to deciphering building code books," was designed to be your go-to resource for researching, understanding, and applying building codes.

Our eBook will help you navigate:

  • Semantics
  • Conjunctions
  • Citation types
  • Code analysis
  • Terminology

Learn how to properly decipher building code books to solve your code problems. Download our eBook today!