bring in milrose for an aia-accredited code presentation

The Milrose Consultants Code & Zoning Department is here to help educate your company via a one-on-one AIA accredited code presentation. Seminars can be offered to your team in-person or virtually. Attendees will be able to receive one AIA and HSW learning credit for their participation. We are currently offering the following AIA-accredited courses:


Code History and Basics

In this presentation, attendees can expect to obtain the tools you need to be able to properly research, understand, and apply building codes to ensure your future projects meet compliance.


City of Yes

This presentation will be a discussion and overview of New York City's proposed City of Yes zoning changes, and their potential impact on development and design.


Principles of Occupancy & Egress

This course will review code implications of egress and occupancy in ICC-based codes during the design process and provide a deeper understanding of how to maintain safe egress in the built environment.


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