24 Feb 2020

Don’t Let Elevator Violations Delay Your Certificate of Occupancy

The Department of Buildings (DOB) is responsible for overseeing the safety of New York City’s nearly 70,000 elevators.  All automatic passenger and freight elevators in NYC must now have a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation with...

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20 Feb 2020

The History of Rikers Island in New York City

Rikers Island is one of the most well-known jails in the country. Now, it is set to enter a new phase in its history as NYC plans to close the jail and convert Rikers Island to public land.

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26 Dec 2019

Local Law 196 Overview and B.E.S.T Squad Update

Signed into law by Mayor De Blasio in October 2017, Local Law 196 commands that construction workers at specific sites receive 40 hours of safety training, while the supervisors of certain job sites receive 62 hours of safety training. While some...

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18 Dec 2019

Milrose Guide to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)

Being a center of culture and an architectural mecca, it's no secret that New York City has a large number of historically important landmarks, buildings, interiors and parks. In fact, landmark buildings and historic districts represent around...

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21 Nov 2019

Code Question: Is My Building Considered a High-Rise?

An increasingly common question concerns how to calculate the height of a building. What specifically classifies a given building as a high-rise? The definition of a high-rise has been clarified since the 2008 code was established.

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