Don't let permitting and zoning issues stand in the way of your self-storage project's success

Launching a successful self-storage project requires understanding and complying with complex permitting and zoning regulations. Every location is subject to different zoning laws and proper preparation is critical when building a new self-storage facility or converting an existing space.

Dallas Cothrum, Ph. D., President of Masterplan, a Milrose Consultants company, has over four decades of experience assisting self-storage developers and owners in navigating the complex permitting and zoning approval process to arrive at project success. During this webinar, Dr. Cothrum shares his insights on the future of the storage industry as well as his top tips and best practices for avoiding costly mistakes and winning approvals. Watch a recording of his presentation now.

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Dallas Cothrum, Ph. D., President of Masterplan


Speaker Bio:

Dallas Cothrum, Ph. D, is President of Masterplan, a Milrose Company, the largest planning and permitting firm in Texas. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Cothrum has worked on numerous politically charged and technically difficult cases. He directed the efforts on Rosewood Court, many types of multi-family projects, and self-storage locations. Over the past decade, he and Karl Crawley, Executive Director – Texas, have worked more cases in Oaklawn and Dallas Uptown than any others.  

He is responsible for consulting with and advising clients on requirements for zoning and permit applications for various area municipalities. His practice includes significant experience in public presentations before community groups, municipal boards, commissions, and councils concerning zoning changes, variances, and plats.  

Dr. Cothrum typically assists clients from due diligence and site selection through the entire zoning and building permit process, culminating with a certificate of occupancy.  

He was previously a tenured professor in the University of Texas System. He received a doctorate from Texas Christian University and completed postdoctoral work at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is also an alumni member of Leadership Dallas.  

With a great passion and commitment to serving the community, Dr. Cothrum spends his spare time supporting numerous non-profit organizations. He places an active role through his involvement as a member of the Board of Directors of Dallas Academy, the McWhiney Foundation, City Hospital at White Rock, C.C. Young Senior Living, and is the President of the Highland Park Education Foundation