Are you planning for success?

Ensure your projects start out on the right track.

Unpack the Roi of zoning analysis.

Developers navigating New York City must overcome various code and zoning challenges. Being that NYC is the densest city in the country, undeveloped land is scarce. Municipal building and zoning codes further complicate the situation, forcing developers to meet hundreds of specific egress, life safety, accessibility, material and use standards.

Performing an initial zoning analysis to learn about a building’s permitted uses, applicable bonuses and potential limitations puts plans on the right track from the start, helping to execute projects that facilitate optimal profitability.

Our white paper "Planning for spatial success: Unpacking the ROI of zoning analysis" explores multiple ways to achieve ROI generation through working with the Department of Buildings, including:

  • Incentive Zoning Opportunities for Floor Area Ratio (FAR) bonuses
  • Special Purpose District Requirements Incentive Programs
    • Special Garment District Center
    • Special Lower Manhattan District
    • Special Midtown District

Download our white paper to learn how you can maximize ROI with code and zoning analysis.