The Milrose Guide to the 2022 NYC Code Changes

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The new 2022 NYC Building Code went into effect on Nov. 7, 2022.

Get informed on the major code changes that are now in effect by downloading our 6-part expert guide series.

The new 2022 NYC Construction Code includes over 600 significant changes that aim to improve building safety and incorporate the latest in building technologies.

To prepare our clients for the many new requirements, Milrose's Code and Zoning Experts rolled out a 6-part series that provides an overview of the significant changes that design professionals, developers, and owners should be aware of in order to avoid objections and stalled projects.

Click on the links below to download the code guides:

  1. Part 1: Commercial Interiors
  2. Part 2: Residential Amenity Spaces
  3. Part 3: Healthcare Facilities
  4. Part 4: Retail Spaces
  5. Part 5: Special Inspections
  6. Part 6: Construction Safety Enhancements