NYC's new construction code contains over 600 significant changes that aim to improve building safety and incorporate the latest in building technologies. Here at Milrose, our Code & Zoning Department has been publishing a series of guides that break down the most important code changes that will impact Commercial Interiors, Residential Amenity Spaces, Healthcare Facilities, Retail Spaces, Special Inspections, Sustainability and Resiliency Enhancements, Fire Protection, and Construction Safety Enhancements.
Download the code guides and view the webinar recording to get informed on the most impactful code changes so that you can hit the ground running when the codes go live on November 7, 2022!


Kathleen dErizans

Kathleen d'Erizans, Director of Code & Zoning

John Secreti

John James Secreti, RA, Senior Code & Zoning Consultant

Jon Nassimi

Jon​ Nassimi, Code & Zoning Analyst



Gus Mazza, Executive Vice President, Life Sciences