08 Aug 2019

NYC restricts mechanical voids with new zoning amendment

Whether born out of a reactionary push to curtail a growing tide of skyscraping residential towers, or a real concern to prevent developers from using a "loophole" to build vacuous unoccupied spaces in a city starved for affordable housing, on...

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24 Jul 2019

Building health and wellness into the workspace

Health and wellness is a key concern for modern professionals, particularly millennials, who not only constitute the largest generational group within the U.S. workforce but also maintain higher levels of physical fitness in comparison to their...

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22 Jul 2019

Important NYC Updates & Reminders

Stay informed of recent regulatory changes and code updates that could impact your construction project - read the latest news below:

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16 Jul 2019

The Milrose guide to decoding building code books

Deciphering building code books is no easy task. These regulatory tomes are dense and stuffed with complex technical language. To further complicate matters code books are updated and amended frequently. That said, design and building...

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12 Jul 2019

How a rezoning is revitalizing downtown New Rochelle

New Rochelle, New York, is catalyzing urban revitalization through zoning innovation. The city, which is located 25 miles northeast of Manhattan, has rezoned approximately 300 acres of its downtown core with the intention to cultivate an...

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