As a NYC Class 1 Special Inspection Agency, Milrose Consultants’ in-house portfolio of companies of Howard L. Zimmerman Architects & Engineers, D.P.C., Integrated Group, and Special Inspection Services has the breadth and depth to consistently meet both the minimum NYC DOB special inspection requirements and quality control aspects to represent the building owner’s best interest and building performance throughout the entire project journey.


What we do

Transparency and effective communication, coupled with decades of architectural and engineering experience, reduce project risk and minimize complications that can ultimately delay project timelines on new construction or renovations. We value consistently delivering high-quality service and helping our clients meet and exceed their project goals.

Special and Progress Inspections

  • Building systems (Mechanical, Heating, Smoke Control, Sprinkler, Standpipe, Emergency Generators)
  • Fire and Smoke Barrier Systems (Fireproofing, Firestopping, Fire-Rated Construction)
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Flood Zone Compliance
  • Luminous Egress Path markings
  • Public Assembly Emergency Lighting
  • Structural Systems 
  • Concrete and Masonry Systems 
  • Directive 14 Final Inspection

Special Inspections


Progress Inspections


Reports and Filings

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