The Code and Zoning experts at Milrose have decades of experience and deep industry expertise. Our services help ensure that your projects comply with all local, city, state, national and international building code standards and zoning laws.


What we do

Code and zoning are nuanced elements of design and construction. There are a number of considerations for any given project, whether related to building, fire, accessibility, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or energy codes.

The challenge is that building codes and zoning regulations are constantly changing. WIthout the right knowledge and insight, your projects may experience the costs of delays and noncompliance.

What Milrose offers is a dedicated consulting team of Code and Zoning analysts to keep your projects both compliant and on schedule. Our team comprises diverse professionals who each bring unique perspective and insight, including analysts who are members of code development committees and serve as state code enforcement officials.

  • We know local, state and federal regulations.
  • We have resources (like an on-call advisory service) to free up your staff to complete other client-facing matters.
  • We build you a custom strategy to streamline filing and keep the pipeline moving.
  • We provide our clients with confidence that compliance has been achieved to ensure the life safety of the building occupants.
  • We have long-standing relationships with multiple public agencies and municipalities.

Bottomline, with the help and support of our experienced professionals you can save time and money throughout the development process.

More about our services

Milrose can help from day one until project completion, providing services like:

Building Code Compliance Plan Review

It's essential that your project is set up to succeed from the beginning. By bringing code and zoning specialists in early to review your design plans, you can troubleshoot any potential issues before it is too late. The result: the approval process takes less time and you can have confidence that compliance has been achieved.


Zoning Analysis and Interpretation

Zoning laws are intricate and filled with legal language that can make it difficult to understand exactly what can and cannot be built. Milrose helps remove the challenge by parsing out the specifics and conducting an assessment of your plans and applicable zoning laws in your area.


Code and Design Issue Resolution

Milrose’s highly skilled Code and Zoning consultants have extensive experience with resolving design roadblocks and providing code compliance solutions for large, complex and state-of-the-art projects. We will work with you to provide a custom strategy that meets your design needs and which places safety at its core.


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