Proper due diligence and research can mean profitability and better negotiations. Cutting corners often only ends up in increased costs and project delays. Milrose can help accelerate your project by uncovering open applications and unresolved violations that could hold up a Certificate of Occupancy.


What we do

The truth is that due diligence and research can be time-consuming and intensive. But that doesn't mean they are any less important to your project. Without the full insight provided thorough due diligence and research, you may be caught off guard by hidden liabilities or problems that end up costing more money and time.

 Milrose can take care of the legwork so you can focus on other project elements. As part of our due diligence and research services, we perform an extensive feasibility analysis. This is done to evaluate the local zoning laws that pertain to the property, potential Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for future development and permitted functions under the current Certificate of Occupancy.

Additionally, we complete a full report detailing all open applications and violations tied to your building (including application types, work types, status, age and "next step" directives on how to resolve each outstanding item). This provides you with a roadmap forward by outlining actions that need to be taken in order to close out each open application and violation.

Our report will provide a comprehensive list of the outstanding items for the referenced property from all applicable municipal agencies including: 

  • Department of Buildings
  • Department of Transportation
  • Fire Department
  • Bureau of Electrical Control
  • Environmental Control Board
  • Department of Environmental Protection 

More about our services 

Milrose is committed to providing proper due diligence and research that consists of:


Initial Feasibility Analysis Study

Before you start to build, or even start designing, you need to know what local zoning laws and building codes allow for. We conduct this preliminary research to determine project viability, and proactively identify challenges and needed permissions, proposing solutions that enable you to meet your project goals and facilitate optimal profitability.


Open Applications & Violations Report

Open permit applications and building violations on a property can negatively impact sales and impede receiving a Certificate of Occupancy. Milrose’s Open Applications and Violations report allows you to identify all of the open applications and violations tied to your property and then, most importantly, execute the solutions to resolve them.

Services Process

Certificate of Occupancy Close-Out Checklist

The project isn't truly completed until you secure your CO. However, there are many reasons the DOB may delay or deny a temp or final CO application. Milrose specializes in navigating clients through the CO process. Our team will perform a site pre-inspection walkthrough and then provide you with a punch list of correction items to ensure your inspection is successful.


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