Due Diligence & Research

Proper due diligence & research can mean profitability and better negotiations, while cutting corners can incur expenses and project delays. Milrose can help you accelerate your project by uncovering open applications and violations that could hold up a Certificate of Occupancy.


As part of our due diligence and research service, we perform an extensive feasibility analysis to evaluate the local zoning laws that pertain to the property, potential Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for future development and permitted functions under the current Certificate of Occupancy.  We provide a full detailed report outlining all open applications (including date filed, open permits, professionals of record, status of application, and signoff responsibility). In addition, the report outlines the actions that need to be taken in order to close out each open application.

Services Process

Initial Feasibility Study

Services Process

Open Building Applications Report

Services Process

Certificate of Occupancy Close-Out Checklist