Department of Transportation Services

If your project will involve performing construction or placing equipment in an area that affects public transportation, you will be required to obtain permit approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT).


In order to keep our streets safe and minimize disruption to businesses, motorists, and pedestrians, the DOT issues over 150 different types of sidewalk and roadway construction permits to various agencies including utility suppliers, contractors, government agencies and homeowners. Activities that require DOT permits span from street openings, sidewalk construction, installing canopies, and more. If you are going to undertake any construction activity that impacts a sidewalk, roadway or highway, you will be required to register with the DOT and receive the necessary permit approvals.

Milrose can help you expedite obtaining approval for the following types of construction-related DOT permits:

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Building Operations Permits: Construction activity such as placement of materials, equipment and temporary structures (i.e., building materials, cranes, boom trucks, trailers, construction containers, security structures, and tool carts) on the street or sidewalk.

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Sidewalk Construction Permits: Repairs, replacements, or new sidewalk installations.

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Debris Containers Permits: Required whenever placing a container on the sidewalk.


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