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Prior to purchasing a building or planning a construction project, a proper evaluation of the site for environmental hazards should be done to prevent delays due to unforeseen environmental conditions. Our seasoned team of inspectors have decades of experience identifying where environmental problems may exist as well as managing the removal and required monitoring to remediate the problem for their clients.

Environmental Services

  • Asbestos Work-Place Safety Plans (DEP ATRU Unit)
    - Interior renovation and Full/Partial Demolition Projects
  • Asbestos Variances (Procedural and 1-22B/V5)
  • Noise Mitigation Permits
  • Air Resource Permits
  • Demolition Registration
  • Fuel Burning Permits for Generators
  • Fuel Storage Tank Registration (NY State DEC and FDNY)

Asbestos Services


Environmental Compliance Permits


Fuel Storage Permits

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