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How to Succeed at Planning, Designing, and Constructing ASCs

Over the past decade the number of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), outpatient medical facilities that specialize in providing same-day and elective surgical procedures, has been growing steadily across the United States. Their growth was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, when many hospitals closed to patients who were not in need of life-saving surgeries and the patients then opted to have their needed procedures done in non-hospital settings. 

The demand for ambulatory surgery centers is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the post pandemic world and many companies are taking note and shifting their real estate strategies to capitalize on the market's explosive growth.

In the video above, Peter J. Morandi of Eastman Cooke moderates 'Successful Planning, Design, and Construction of Ambulatory Surgery Centers' during the 2019 Ambulatory Surgery Center Symposium. The panel featured Joe Bolano of Colliers, Nicholas P. Michnevitz of MBH Architecture, Karen Rodgers of Vantage Point Capital, LLC, Matthew M. Warvo, P.E., of Skyline Engineering and Gustavo Mazza of Milrose Consultants, 

If you are looking to renovate, expand, or build a new ambulatory surgery center, there are many critical factors that you should take into consideration prior to embarking on this type of project. 

To gain a better understanding of the various elements that must come together to be able to open an ASC facility to the public, check out this recording of a past Milrose webinar which featured  a panel of medical construction and real estate experts including Joe Bolano (Colliers), Nicholas P. Michnevitz, III (MBH Architecture), and Gustavo Mazza (Milrose Consultants).

During the webinar, the industry leaders shared their biggest lessons learned, best practices, and top tips for avoiding common missteps, meeting target occupancy deadlines, maximizing ROI on outpatient healthcare facility projects.

The webinar discussion provided an overview of the following topics:

  • Upcoming code changes that will impact outpatient medical facility projects
  • Critical information to identify during the planning stage of the project
  • Common project pitfalls and best practices to avoid them
  • How to streamline the approvals and inspections process
  • Answers to participants' questions related to ambulatory surgery center projects
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