Milrose Celebrates CX Day 2023

Did you know that approximately two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies utilize the Net Promoter Score (NPS) program? NPS, a metric used in customer experience programs to measure customer loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm, has helped many leading companies accelerate business growth through focusing on the customer experience.

To increase our ability to comprehend, measure, and strengthen our customer experience, Milrose launched its own NPS program in 2017. Today, we are proud to share that Milrose has achieved a best-in-class NPS score of 46%, a remarkably high score in the industry.

The History of VoC and NPS at Milrose

Milrose’s success over the past 35 years has been predicated on its focus on understanding and tailoring solutions to best meet our customers unique needs. To assist with that effort, in 2017, Mindy Zayas, Director of Client Services, led Milrose’s implementation of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that collects and analyzes customer feedback through the NPS methodology. Since then, the Client Services Department and company leadership relies on the analytics and collected feedback to drive improvements across all areas of customer reach.

Scaling Customer Experience Across the Milrose Family of Companies

As the company has grown through acquisitions, adding several new strategic services and focusing on all end markets and geographies nationally, the NPS program continues to be an important tool easily allowing for scale, automation, and access to significantly increased amounts and more complex feedback. As we head into the fourth quarter of the year, the Milrose family of companies will be incorporated into the VoC plan. This system has been employed to keep track of solicited and unsolicited customer feedback.

Our Process

Customer feedback is reported to Milrose on a quarterly basis. Each quarter, we issue relationship surveys to all customers who have been on an active project within the last 12 months. We also issue transactional surveys to all project team members after key project milestones are reached over the course of a project lifespan.

Every survey and client response that we receive is assigned to a representative who acknowledges receipt with a thank you message and high-level summary of the client feedback that was provided and Milrose’s planned course of action. In the case that a client issue is identified, a manager is assigned to create an appropriate action plan to escalate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

By analyzing client feedback gathered through Milrose's VoC program, the leadership team has successfully pinpointed areas in need of improvement. Subsequently, they have initiated the development of specialized training courses designed to enhance skills in these identified areas.  These courses are provided to employees through Milrose’s internal education program, Milrose University.

Milrose NPS Score Reaches Record High

We are excited to share that our dedication to improving the Milrose customer experience has been reflected in our recently achieved VoC program metrics:

  • Our NPS Score reached an all-time high of 46%
  • From Q1 to Q2, overall Customer Feedback increased by 39%
  • Negative feedback reduced from 21% to 18%
  • Positive feedback increased from 66% to 70%

Top 3 Reported Improvement Areas:

  1. Response/Follow-Up
  2. Inconsistency in Representatives
  3. Communication

Top 3 Reported Strengths:

  1. Knowledge/Problem Solving
  2. Ease of Doing Business
  3. Professionalism

Additionally, our Client Satisfaction (CSAT) scores have improved:

  • Exceeds expectation/Exceptional satisfaction rates increased from 66% to 68%.
  • Below expectations vs. satisfaction rates decreased from 14% to 9%.

Although we are pleased with our recently achieved VoC scores, Milrose remains committed to working continuously to further improve our performance and deliver consistently high-quality and positive customer experiences.

How We Align and Celebrate Success


Here at Milrose, our directors and managers actively monitor a wide range of trends. They frequently partner with our Human Resources and Client Services Departments to provide training to various teams and individuals, all with the aim of enhancing the overall customer experience through the implementation of improved standard operating procedures, service offerings, and policies. This approach also empowers our team members to make informed decisions that contribute to creating positive customer interactions.


Furthermore, our managers utilize customer feedback employee score cards to analyze and gain insights into our customer experience and employee performance. This data directly informs our year-round initiatives designed to acknowledge and reward employees. These initiatives encompass incentive programs such as spot bonuses and "chat outs," where employees receive recognition through our company communication channels in appreciation of their outstanding work.

Join Us in Celebrating in CX Day 2023


As part of our ongoing dedication to fostering customer relationships, Milrose is thrilled to participate in its sixth annual Customer Experience (CX) Day on October 3rd, 2023. 



Created by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the purpose of CX Day is to recognize companies and staff who devote themselves to crafting exceptional customer experiences. CX Day holds great significance for Milrose as our company’s success is directly related to our ability to comprehend our customer needs and customize solutions to meet those needs.


We are truly grateful for our hardworking employees and valued clients. Your continued support and loyalty over the years means the world to us. Happy CX Day 2023!