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Delivering on Client Success: Milrose Speaks at CommLive18

Four years after winning the FinancialForce 2014 Business Breakthrough of the Year Award, Milrose was invited back by FinancialForce to present on Milrose’s premier financial management processes during Community Live 2018 in Las Vegas.

FinancialForce recognized Milrose with the award after the launch of Milrose’s state-of-the-art customized business platform, WAVE. The new platform was developed in-house utilizing FinancialForce and SalesForce solutions in addition to other business applications to create a unified and highly-customized system.

Alex Donayre, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Revenue Management, became involved with transitioning Milrose to the WAVE system when he joined the firm in 2013. Since then, Donayre has spearheaded many comprehensive and significant system improvements to drive the industry-leading platform forward. During CommLive18, Donayre presented on how Milrose was able to significantly improve our client experience through using WAVE to transform our financial management processes.

Donayre explained “through continually investing in WAVE’s technology, Milrose has been able to add value to our clients and our industry as a whole”. WAVE provides access to detailed and real-time data which enables Milrose with the ability to quickly respond to client pain points and concerns. By eliminating time spent on billing, purchase orders, errors, and alleviating general invoicing issues, Milrose has been able to scale its processes and focus more internal efforts on delivering the best possible product to our clients.

One system improvement that Milrose received a lot of positive feedback on is the ability to provide real-time Account Statements and Account Recaps to clients. These documents have proved very valuable to clients wanting to understand the most up-to-date financial history for their respective account or project.

To continue to build and improve on WAVE’s successes, we follow a process where we continually receive feedback from employees and clients and then incorporate that feedback back into our technology. Our “Change Control Board” is comprised of stakeholders across the organization charged with reviewing proposed changes and offering best practices that can be leveraged by all departments. The system also has a “Chatter” feed, which allows Milrose to effectively communicate ongoing changes to the entire company as soon as they are deployed.

As we move into the future, Milrose will continue to invest in technology to lead our industry and best serve our clients. With the systems in place to advance the use of technology throughout the company’s internal and client processes, Milrose will uphold its standards for which it won the Business Breakthrough of the Year award four years ago. Delivering exceptional customer experiences is one of Milrose’s core values, and Milrose continues to invest in solutions needed to perpetuate its mission of exceeding client’s needs.

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