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The major updates coming soon to DOB NOW: Build

As the DOB continues to progress forward in their plans to move to an entirely digital system, a major upgrade and expansion of DOB NOW: Build is set to launch on December 28, 2020. To help you prepare, we have outlined the important key changes and when to anticipate them below:

Phase 1 (December 28, 2020)

New Work Types:

  • General Construction (GC) includes: Construction, Chimney, Façade Enlargement
  • Foundation (FO) includes: Deep, Retaining Wall, Shallow, Tie Backs and Anchors, Underpinning
  • Earthwork (EA) includes: Excavation, Landscape, Sitework (Grading and fill), Soil Improvement, Soil Improvements, Underpinning
  • Support of Excavation (SE) includes: Berming/Sloping/Benching, Ground Freezing, Shoring/Bracing, Slurry Shaft/Wall, Soil Grouting/Improvement/Mixing, Tangent/Secant Piles, Tie backs and Anchors
  • Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM) includes: Chute, Cocoon, Hoisting Equipment, Mechanical Demolition Equipment, Platform, Roof Overhead Protection, Roof Protection

New Functionalities:

  • Composite permits
  • Site Safety Plan
  • Tenant Protection Plan
  • Supersede & Withdrawal of Applicant of Record or Contractor/Licensee
  • New features including improved search and exporting jobs


The largest overall changes to the DOB filing process will be rolled out during Phase 2 which is expected to take place in February 2021.

Phase 2 (February 2021)

New Terms:




In order to use the DOB NOW system, you must be registered with an active eFiling account specific to your license type. For help creating an eFiling account, please visit the DOB NOW Registration Page.

Do you have questions about the upcoming DOB NOW: Build update? Milrose is here to help! Please submit your question below and our team of experts will contact you to help navigate you through the new filing changes at the DOB.