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A major update to DOB NOW: Build to launch on March 1

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is launching a major update and expansion to DOB NOW: Build on March 1. Here is what you need to know if you are filing construction work in the five boroughs:

Update (2/25/21): To prepare for the March 1 DOB NOW: Build update, the system will be taken offline on Friday, Feb. 26 at 4 PM and will remain offline until the evening of Sunday, Feb. 28.

On Monday, March 1, 2021 the DOB will launch their newest Schedule A module in DOB NOW: Build. The newest module is a major overhaul of current processes and will directly impact all inflight TCO’s for New Buildings,  Major Alterations, and Minor Alterations requiring a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy.

What does this mean to your project?

  • TCO’s that have been requested and accepted prior to the go-live date are planned to be issued as usual.

  • Any TCO requested after March 1 will first require data migration into the new Schedule A module and DOB QA approval is mandatory.

  • Data migration can only begin after the module goes live on March 1. For all TCO’s delegation, data migration and DOB QA must occur for the Schedule A information to be live in the module.

  • Data migration is the responsibility of Milrose Consultants along with the applicant of record.

  • Data migration will take additional time to coordinate and approve prior to TCO issuance. The amount of additional time is unknown as it is interrelated to the performance of the module as well as the accuracy and quantity of existing data for each specific project.

In anticipation of the new module, the Milrose C of O Department already began preemptively renewing all current TCO permits set to expire in March and April. Additionally, our teams are planning for initial C of O applications that will be submitted prior to the go-live date as usual.

Simply, the introduction of the DOB’s newest module requires data migration and QA approval. As with all system changes, there will be a learning curve associated with becoming familiar with its functionality, approvals timeframes, and TCO issuance. We ask for your patience, cooperation, and understanding during this latest system process change.

Do you have questions about the DOB NOW: Build Phase 2 update or how it could impact your project? Please submit your question below or email and our team will reach back out to you to guide you through the latest changes being implemented at the DOB.