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Milrose Consultants Announces Yosi Haimes as Chief Operating Officer

Milrose Consultants, the nation's leading provider of building code compliance, fulfillment, and consulting solutions, is very excited to announce the promotion of Yosi Haimes to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Today's announcement recognizes the significant contribution and leadership that Mr. Haimes has brought to Milrose since joining the firm in 2021 as Executive Vice President of Operations.

In his previous role as Executive Vice President of Operations, Mr. Haimes has been instrumental in building our national platform by working across the organization to develop and leverage high performing teams and achieve significant improvements in service delivery and client satisfaction across the nation.

As COO, Mr. Haimes will continue to participate in and will work closely with the Milrose Family of Companies senior leadership team, which includes the leaders of eight partner companies. Additionally, he will assist the company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dominic Maurillo, in overseeing day-to-day operations, implementing the firm’s forward-focused growth strategies, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions and services to our clients.

“Yosi has contributed significantly to the development of the firm’s new operating model, reorganization of our structure, technology, and operating procedures which have allowed us to deliver on synergies and maximize the value of our partnerships.  This promotion reflects Yosi’s dedication, energy, and passion to ensure Milrose and our employees put the client first and deliver on providing the highest value related to building compliance solutions. We look forward to Yosi’s increased and continued leadership contributions in this important role, “said Mr. Dominic Maurillo, CEO of Milrose Consultants.

Mr Haimes remarked “I am excited about this opportunity to continue to contribute to the team at Milrose. We have made great progress over the past year, and I look forward to helping our organization further differentiate ourselves as the premier provider of building code compliance services in the US.”