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Milrose Consultants’ Latest Partnership with Project Expediters Consulting Corp. (PECC) Will Bring National Permitting to the Next Level


Milrose Consultants’ recently formed partnership with Project Expediters Consulting Corp. (PECC) is creating a buzz in the permitting industry as both companies are now positioned to leverage each other’s capabilities and geographic reach to better serve their clients across an expanded national footprint.

This month, we sat down with Coral Silsbe, President of PECC, for a deeper dive into PECC and how its partnership with Milrose is opening new doors to deliver exceptional client service from coast to coast.

Who is PECC?

For over 20 years, Project Expediters Consulting Corp. has earned the reputation as the go-to permit expediters for commercial and mixed-use development projects across the country. They offer a wide variety of services including entitlement approvals, code consulting, zoning analysis, due diligence, utility coordination and installation for ground-up construction, construction permits, and building inspection coordination. With over 10,000 permits under its belt—and counting—it’s no wonder that clients trust PECC to get the job done, on time and under budget.

Expanding PECC nationwide

Founded in 2002, PECC was a vision that Silsbe said came about while she was working for a developer in the industry. “I was working—doing land use approvals—and realized that this was something I could do for myself,” she explained. “Initially, I established the company in New Jersey to serve the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Soon after, we expanded throughout the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast."  PECC has 20 employees throughout the country.

Experience across the board

The team at PECC offers years of specialized education and experience in a diverse range of industries that span from Urban Planning, architecture, to general and site construction, as well as plan review, Historic and Landmark buildings, and code specialists.  By partnering with Milrose, we now have access to the full range of resources Milrose provides, as well as its offices and experts throughout the country,” Silsbe stated. “It’s an exciting time for us as we now have an expanded number of professionals on our team.”

Services that make a difference: Utility Coordination

Silsbe explained that PECC is a boutique expediting firm that is unique in contrast to other permit expediting companies. In addition to facilitating permit approvals, PECC provides their clients with utility connection and installation services for water, sewer, electric, telco and gas. Silsbe further explained, “Our utility specialists work with utility providers and project design teams to coordinate all aspects of utility installation, including services such as infrastructure buildout, pole relocations, meter sets and many more.  Most importantly, we coordinate with the contractors to ensure they can maintain their schedule. This service is a key determinant to keep projects on track.”  

Given utility coordination is crucial to the success of a construction project, it is vital to work with an experienced team who understands the construction processes, knows how to navigate the complex regulations, and can put a comprehensive plan in place at the project start to prevent unnecessary schedule delays and budget overruns.                                                                                                                                                      

Looking to the future

Silsbe offered her thoughts on a changing industry and how the Milrose family of companies is poised to succeed in it. “As areas become increasingly developed nationwide, there are going to be more stakeholders and people looking to regulate what is happening,” she explained. “Every day, it’s becoming more important to have an expediter as they enact stricter and more complex rules related to development. The regulations are going to continue to become challenging to navigate. Milrose and its family of companies will offer resources to clients that will enable them to get their projects approved in a timelier manner.”