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Milrose Guide to Deciphering the DOB

Dealing with the Department of Buildings (DOB) can feel like drowning in alphabet soup. Below is a list of the most common acronyms and abbreviations encountered associated with the DOB.

  • DOB: Department of Buildings
  • NB: New Building
  • Alt-1: Alteration 1 application
  • Alt-2: Alteration 2 application
  • Alt-3: Alteration 3 application
  • PACO: Place of Assembly Certificate of Occupancy
  • TPA: Temporary Place of Assembly (for an event, e.g.. job fair)
  • D2: Directive 2
  • D14: Directive 14
  • C of O: Certificate of Occupancy
  • TCO: Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
  • EUP: Equipment Use Permit
  • AHV: After Hours Variance
  • PW-1: Plan Work Approval Application
  • TR-1: Technical Report (associated with controlled inspections)
  • S/O: Signoff
  • ACP5, ACP7: Asbestos Investigation Reports
  • FD: Fire Department
  • LOA: Letter of Approval
  • LOD: Letter of Defect
  • BEC: Bureau of Electrical Control
  • DEP: Department of Environmental Protection
  • ECB: Environmental Control Board
  • DOT: Department of Transportation
  • HPD: Department of Housing Preservation and Development
  • SWO: Stop Work Order
  • WWP: Work Without permit

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