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Milrose Consultants and Permit Advisors have come together to compile a comprehensive national list of current city agency service operations and closures. You may download a copy of this resource here

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  • Huntington, New York: The Town Code was amended to eliminate the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hearing process for installing egress windows in homes that do not meet the required property line setback requirements. The amended code allows for a protective cover or grate to be installed for egress windows or window wells that extend up to 42 inches into a required yard setback. (source:


  • Babylon Village, Long Island: Babylon Village has enacted changes to its code that apply to new restaurants. Applications for new restaurants will now be reviewed by a board of trustees.
    • Additionally, restaurants must now have at least one parking spot for:
      • every two counter stools or for every 3 feet of linear counter space
      • every two seats at a table
      • every two employees "on the maximum workshift"



  • Town of Hempstead, Long Island: The Department of Buildings has added staff and expanded it's hours to nights and weekends in order to reduce wait times and alleviate a backlog of permit applications. The change is part of a five-point plan to reform the agency issued in July.

JULY 2019

  • Washington, D.C.: Effective June 29, 2019, the DCRA’s online permit application system will require contractor, subcontractor and registered design professional information before permit issuance.


  • Washington, D.C. In observance of Independence Day, the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will be closed and no construction is allowed on Thursday, July 4, 2019.

JUNE 2019

  • Town of North Hempstead, Long Island: According to The Island Now, the Town of North Hempstead has added penalties to its stop work orders. A contractor or property owner will now pay between $1,000 - $5,000 on the first offense, $5,000 - $10,000 for a second offense, and $10,000 - $20,000 for the third offense and beyond. 

MAY 2019

  • Stamford, Connecticut: Effective 5/1/2019, according to Resolution 3930 there will be an increase in permit fees in Stamford for larger projects over $1MM of estimated cost.  It goes from $16.50 per each $1,000 of estimated cost for the first $1MM and then $25 per each $1,000 of estimated cost over $1MM.   

APRIL 2019

  • Town of Babylon, Long Island: New fee for building permit revisions - the town will now charge $250 for each building permit revision and $125 for each solar panel revision. 
  • Washington, D.C.: The District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) will be closed and no construction is allowed on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 in observance of DC Emancipation Day.

MARCH 2019

  • North Hempstead, Long Island: The Town of North Hempstead passed a three-year time limit for applicants to act on approved variances, special permits, site plan reviews and changes of zone. Read more about the new law on The Island Now


  • Hempstead Town - According to Newsday, Hempstead Town Supervisor Laura Gillen is calling for an audit of the town building department to identify ways to reduce long wait times for permits and to make property information more readily available to residents and business owners.
  • Wainscott - East Hampton Town Hall officials are considering extending a moratorium on business development in Wainscott. The town enacted the moratorium - which prohibits the town board from approving new site plans or subdivision approvals in the Wainscott commercial corridor - in November 2016 and officials are considering extending it till July 1, 2019. 


  • The Village of Roslyn Harbor passed an amendment to restrict tents on public and private property. The law states that no person may erect, construct or maintain a tent for more than seven days without getting a permit from the village clerk two weeks in advance. Anyone found violating the law will be fined $250 per day. 


  • Vincent Pici, P.E is appointed new Yonkers Acting Commissioner of Department of Housing & Buildings                                                                   In September, Vincent Pici, P.E. was appointed Yonkers Acting Commissioner of the City’s Department of Housing & Buildings. Pici replaces James Luke, who accepted a position as a Plan Examiner for the City’s Building Department. 


  • On September 27, the North Hempstead Town Board will vote on extending a moratorium on development along Port Washington’s waterfront until January. The moratorium has been in effect since December and is set to expire on November 1. Under the moratorium, building permits, demo permits, special permits and any other approvals related to development are prohibited. 


  • Long Island Advance reported that the Town of Brookhaven passed a new law to add a Marine Commercial district to the town zoning code. The law applies to privately owned marinas and not any that are owned by the town. A special permit would be required from the town planning board if a landowner wanted other types of uses for the land, 
  • The Village Of Port Washington North closed a public hearing for a draft law that would have allowed assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in its Economic B district.

JUNE 2018

  • New Interim Building Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner in Yonkers
    In March, Yonkers Building Commissioner, William Schneider, retired after 32 years on the job. James Luke, former Deputy Commissioner, has been promoted to Acting Commissioner and Abdool H. Jamal has been brought in as the new Deputy Commissioner.

  • Bharat Gami is appointed New Chief Building Official in Stamford, CT
    Beginning in July, Bharat Gami, RA, former Chief Plan Examiner for the Manhattan Plan Examination Unit, will replace Robert DeMarco as Chief Building Official for the City of Stamford.

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