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Reminder: Don't Forget to Include Exit Signs on Filing Plans

Want to avoid additional Place of Assembly inspection objections? Don’t forget to include exit signs in your plans!  Exit signs are required to be shown on Construction and Place of Assembly plans filed at the DOB. 

When providing these exit signs, ensure they comply with the following provisions from the NYC Building Code:

  • Exit signs should be visible from any direction of egress travel.
  • There should be signs to indicate the path of egress travel where the exit is not visible.
  • No point in an exit access corridor or exit passageway should be more than 100’, or the listed viewing distance for the sign—whichever is less—from the nearest visible exit sign.
  • Exit signs shall be illuminated.
  • The letters in exit signs should be red.  The letters should be at least 6” tall with strokes at least .75” wide.  Each letter should be at least 2” wide, except the letter “I”.  There should be at least .375” between each letter. 
    • In the cases of hotels, dormitories, and Places of Assembly, the EXIT sign letters should be 8” tall.  The widths, strokes, and spaces should be proportionate to this height.
  • The exit sign should be in contrast with its background.
  • The chevron should be designed so that the direction cannot be changed.
  • The exit sign should be lit to an intensity of at least 25 foot-candles.
  • The sign should be connected to an emergency power system that can support the exit sign for at least 90 minutes after a loss of power.

For a summary of exit sign requirements for New York State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut, check out our previous article 'Code Question: What are exit sign requirements for office spaces?'.

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