The 13 Most Common FDNY Objections

Here are some of the most common and frequent objections issued by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) on Fire Alarm Applications.

We recommend the following 13 tips for a smoother plan review on fire alarm applications:

1. Provide base building letter of approval (LOA) for existing fire alarm system.

2. Include quantity of devices for the entire tenant space in your floor plans and riser diagram.

3. Provide area smoke detectors in electrical and mechanical rooms.

4. Identify all abbreviation and symbols used on plans.

5. Reference 2008 and/or 2014 NYC construction codes compliance in your notes when applicable.

6. Indicate the use of all respective rooms in the entire tenant space.

7. Enlarge floor plans in the drawing to make them more readable on 11X17 for FDNY record keeping and scanning purposes.

8. Show water flow switch for pre-action sprinkler system.

9. Install strobe units in all respective restrooms in the proposed tenant space.

10. Install manual pull stations at all means of egress of the proposed tenant space.

11. Floor designations shall match the Designation on C of O or approved Schedule “A”.

12. Address on title block must match paperwork submitted.

13. Marketing floors: Construction floors on floor plans and riser diagram must correspond with the floors on the paperwork (refer to FDNY Bulletin # 11/2011)

Would you like help streamlining the FDNY approvals process? Contact Milrose to learn how we can help you make sure your FDNY filings are in full compliance with current fire code regulations.

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