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Bringing New Residential, Violations, and DOT Services to Milrose Consultants

Recently, this past September, Milrose Consultants joined forces with strategic partner JM Zoning, a leader in the field of municipal permit expediting and zoning consulting in New York City. Read on to learn how this exciting partnership is bringing an even broader range of expertise and services to clients nationwide.

About JM Zoning

Founded in 2006 by Joey Goldzal, CEO, JM Zoning has since evolved from a small specialty firm into one of today’s most respected industry leaders for municipal building consulting, permitting, and code and zoning within the five boroughs. With over 70 employees, the company has expanded its own footprint with offices in Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island and, most recently, Boca Raton, Florida. So, how did this firm get to where it is today?

We sat down with Goldzal for an engaging conversation about his unique business model. He is very excited about joining forces with Milrose, as this partnership will provide the highest level of service and expertise solutions to clients everywhere.

A unique approach to success

Every project manager is also a code and zoning consultant, and they're very familiar with all different facets of the industry.
Joey Goldzal, CEO of JM Zoning

Goldzal kicked off the conversation with the formula for his company’s success. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated staff,” he stated. “Every employee is knowledgeable about the industry, in addition to understanding compliance laws. We ensure that each project manager is trained so they can consult on a project across the board. This is what sets us apart.” He further explained how every project manager is also a building code and zoning consultant. This additional training ensures that these specialists are familiar with many aspects of the industry. “We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients’ needs. It is the core value of JM Zoning, and one we take seriously.”

Even more impressive is the fact that in more than 15 years of conducting business, JM Zoning has never done any marketing. As Goldzal sums this up: “Our business is all word of mouth. Our reputation is our marketing.”

He explains his business approach, which is made up of four unique differentiators:

1. We have the capabilities of a large company with a small company feel.
2. Our knowledge and experience allow us to circumvent roadblocks.
3. We have a great reputation and important relationships in the industry.
4. Our advanced proprietary technology drives fast, accurate, and personalized service.

Bringing new and expanded service lines to Milrose

What makes this strategic partnership a win-win? Interestingly, it’s not just the similarities between the companies—but the differences. While Milrose Consultants has extensive experience providing municipal compliance services primarily for commercial projects, JM Zoning focuses more in the residential sector. In fact, Goldzal said that about 60-to-70 percent of JM Zoning’s projects are multi-family residential developments. “We have a large presence in the large scale residential affordable housing market. We work on a lot of ground-up developments and handle everything from A-Z in regards to permitting and consulting." In addition, JM Zoning also provides ongoing building maintenance services and assists with facilitating apartment unit upgrades and building renovations. 

In addition to residential services, JM Zoning brings expanded Violations Removal and Department of Transportation (DOT) services to the table. JM Zoning is staffed with a seasoned Violations Division that has extensive experience navigating the violations removal process at the Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board, and proven success in remediating thousands of building violations and stop work orders on behalf of their clients.

New call-to-action

If you have an upcoming construction project that will involve performing construction or placing equipment in an area that affects public transportation, JM Zoning has you covered with their full comprehensive suite of Department of Transportation permitting services, which include handling logistics plans, site inspections, DOT meeting coordination, plus more.

Staying ahead of the curve

The COVID-19 pandemic derailed most businesses, sidelining their operations while leaving employees and clients hanging in the balance. Goldzal explained how—during pre-and post-COVID—New York City went digital on a variety of fronts. “We are one of the largest companies to use software and technology as a driver for our business,” he said. “We invested large amounts of time, effort, and money into software technology. Unlike other companies, we were well prepared. All our systems and communication were already digital.”

Even in post-pandemic times, Goldzal and his team continue to invest in building and improving upon JM Zoning's technology software. He explains, “Technology is a big part of staying ahead of the curve. Our software program is backed by the tireless dedication of our employees, who have put in thousands of hours of commitment into improving our platform to deliver maximum value to our clients."

Another large trend brought on by the pandemic has been the rise in office-to-residential conversions in cities across the United States such as Dallas, Chicago, and New York. When asked about the growing rise in office-to-residential conversions in NYC, Goldzal said "There's a big push to modify the laws for office-to-residential conversions. We are seeing an increase in developers approaching our company for these jobs.”

Goldzal provided further insight, explaining the two most important factors to take into consideration when evaluating if a building is a good fit for an office-to-residential conversion are:

  • The footprint size— People are looking for buildings that have existing open spaces so that you can obtain the proper light, air, and windows needed for residential housing. 

  • The envelope of the building—The envelope of the building relates to everything that separates the internal building from the external environment. The parts of a building that make up the envelope include the roof, windows, doors, floors, and walls.

He summarized, "Ideally, you want to find a building with existing open space so you don't have to sit and start cutting from existing buildings. You also want to be able to modify the envelope of the building as little as possible. Both of these factors end up driving up construction costs."

The future of the industry: The Milrose Family of Companies

When asked about his predictions for future changes in the industry, Goldzal replied: “People are better prepared than they were in the past. It’s not about just dropping off papers at an office anymore. Today, people who have knowledge and know how to navigate the process will be successful. It’s not easy. The process is complicated and complex, but having the right level of professionalism can set one up for success.”

Goldzal is confident that Milrose and its family of companies are poised to reach that success. He concluded: “Utilizing each other’s experience in the national market gives both employers and management the opportunity to bring that level of professionalism not only to each other but to help change the industry like no one has done before. It will be exciting to see how we can all work together in coming years.”

Connect with us today to learn more about how you and your company can benefit from Milrose’s growing national family of municipal compliance specialists.