Top 10 do's and dont's for A/MEP filings

As code, zoning, and permitting experts, we review hundreds of design plans for code compliance on a weekly basis. We know the common areas where issues often tend to pop up and how to avoid them. Below we list our top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for streamlining the A/MEP filing process:


1. Make sure Design Applicant is properly registered in DOB NOW: Build.

2. Include DOB NOW filing number along with sequence number (ex. M1234567-I1) on the lower right hand side of each plan sheet.

3. Identify construction vs. tenant/ marketing floors (if applicable), especially on fire alarm applications.

4. Provide a scope of work on architectural drawings.

5. Check if your property is energy exempt as State/National Historic Landmark.


1. Do not show inapplicable codes to your jurisdiction or scope of work.

2. Do not forget about accessibility in single-user bathrooms. Provide a 60-inch clearance around the toilet and don't have lavatories encroach onto this required space.

ADA Readily Achievable Regulations

3. Do not forget drinking fountains in plumbing fixture calculations.

4. Do not forget to show exit signs on a reflected ceiling plan.

5. Do not forget to show both FEMA FIRM panels on your architectural, sprinkler, and standpipe sets.


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