23 Aug 2019

How to navigate the DCRA permitting process in Washington, DC

Washington, DC boasts an exploding commercial and residential building scene. Builders, designers and developers navigating the capital and its surrounding suburbs found construction totals at almost $18 billion in 2018, making Washington the...

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28 Mar 2019

Conquering the Code and Zoning Challenges of Coworking Spaces

Companies and contractors across numerous industries have embraced coworking. Almost 2 million professionals worldwide leverage the collaborative multitenant office environments that define this new operational approach. As the flexible space...

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18 Jan 2019

Milrose Employee Spotlight: David Leath

As part of Milrose's Employee Spotlight series, we'd like to introduce you to the Regional Business Manager of Milrose's Washington D.C. office,  David Leath.

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26 Nov 2018

Washington D.C. Releases New and Improved Certificate of Occupancy Form

This past summer The Lab @ DC and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser hosted Form-a-Palooza, an innovative public event that sought to identify confusing and time-consuming forms used by D.C. government agencies and redesign them so that they are easier and...

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11 Nov 2018

Greek and Roman Influences on Washington, D.C. Architecture

Just as America is a “melting pot” of culture, its architecture is an international blend as well. A good example is our nation’s capital. A “planned community” designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, Washington, D.C., reflects the influences of...

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