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Top 10 Biggest News Stories of 2021 | Milrose Consultants

2021 was a year to remember. On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world continued battling the virus and getting used to the "new normal," setting the stage for another year of change in 2022.

Construction will face the brunt of some of this change. But before we rush headlong into next year, let's take a look back on the top 10 Milrose blog posts of 2021.

1. LL191 requires all office buildings to install CO detectors by 7.1.21

Carbon monoxide (CO) can be a serious hazard in buildings and facilities. It's an odorless and colorless gas that can be highly toxic — and fatal — to humans. New York City officials expanded Local Law 191 in late 2020, requiring all building owners and managers to equip their buildings with CO detectors by July 1, 2021, to stay compliant with the law.

2. Zoning considerations for NJ cannabis business

New Jersey officials legalized cannabis for recreational use in early 2021, creating lucrative new business opportunities for entrepreneurs across the state. Numerous would-be entrepreneurs were curious to know what regulations would be introduced in the wake of that decision, but the state already has a robust regulatory framework in place for medicinal dispensaries, which will likely carry over. We took a deep dive into some of these regulations to give entrepreneurs a sense for what approvals they'll need before they can set up shop.

3. A permit expediter's guide to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hub for sports, culture, food and technology on the West Coast. It's also one of the most complicated jurisdictions in the country. As more property developers flock to the city to invest in commercial properties, the need to navigate the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety permit approval process is higher than ever. Our permit expediter's guide walks you through everything you need to know before getting a building permit in LA.

4. Developments in sustainable construction to know in 2021

The construction industry is one of the world's biggest sources of pollution and environmental waste. In fact, buildings emit more than 9 billion tons of carbon a year, a number that will likely skyrocket if nothing is done to curb emissions. As builders, contractors, building owners and other construction professionals become more concerned about the environment, the industry is stepping up to the plate. We took a look at the latest trends in green building in 2021 to get a better sense for how the industry is changing from the inside.

5. New NYC zoning incentives for grocery stores and transit improvements

New York City recently approved a series of zoning reforms aimed at creating more grocery stores, improving public transportation, and supporting small businesses across the city. In March 2021, Mayor de Blasio proposed the zoning changes in an effort to expand the city's FRESH program and promote the construction of grocery stores and supermarkets in underserved parts of the city. The proposals also seek to create greater disability access to the city's public transit system and expand the pandemic-era Open Restaurants initiative.

6. How to navigate the waters of NYC's new coastal zoning changes

New York City is a coastal area with more than 8 million of its inhabitants living along or near the coasts. As extreme weather events become more common (and severe), the number of people exposed to flood risk is growing, an unfortunate trend that Hurricane Sandy made tragically clear. In May, the City Council introduced a comprehensive set of changes to encourage floodplain resiliency, promote new building practices and reduce red tape to boost future recovery efforts as well as mitigate the damage caused by flooding.

7. DC plans to break up DCRA, create Department of Buildings

Construction professionals who have worked in Washington, DC, are likely used to interacting with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to obtain permit approvals. In late 2020, however, the city moved forward with plans to break up the DCRA and create a new Department of Buildings to handle permits in an effort to make processing more efficient. We took a look at the DCRA's current responsibilities and what the change could mean for DC construction professionals.

8. A permit expediter's guide to New Jersey

New Jersey is full of busy urban centers, bustling suburban towns and quiet rural escapes, making it a complicated place to navigate building permits. Not surprisingly, approval requirements can vary considerably across municipalities, so it's important to understand what's required in your local jurisdiction before you begin. We sat down with Chris Birdyshaw, head of sales for the Milrose Consultants New Jersey office, to get a breakdown of everything you need to know about obtaining a permit in New Jersey.

9. Demand for cold storage is heating up

The pandemic had an interesting secondary impact on the construction industry: a surge in demand for cold storage. As online grocery shopping became a mainstay for families across the country, grocery stores were under pressure to invest in warehouses that could store food bought online. More than that, the national vaccine rollout throughout the year required facilities that could store vaccines in tightly controlled conditions.

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10. Ask the Expert: Los Angeles gains growing life sciences influence

Life science clusters are important sources of investment, job creation, research and innovation, especially against the backdrop of the economic uncertainty of the pandemic. We sat down with David J. Whelan, CEO of BioscienceLA, to shed some light on the exciting opportunities in the emerging life sciences cluster in Los Angeles.

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